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Language Programs

Maximize your Learning,
with our flexible programs in
3 simple steps!


Start by selecting the amount of
teacher-powered instruction
want from 100% to 20%.

100% Teacher-powered instruction

Access to the online learning platform

70% Teacher-powered instruction

30% online self-study via the online learning platform

40% Teacher-powered instruction

60% online self-study via the online learning platform

20% Teacher-powered instruction

80% online self-study via App

All Programs are designed for 45 Hour modules


Then choose your course format: Private, Semi-Private, Group or Open Group


The ultimate in personalized learning, with one on one instruction

Semi – Private

Share your instructor time with a colleague who’s shares your language proficiency level


Closed groups of never more than 5 students insure everyone gets to speak and participate in class

Open Group

Learn English with others from different countries and companies at your own level. Max 7 students per class.

Certified Global Teachers deliver dynamic, engaging classes with the latest materials


Optional Add-ons…
Super-Charge your Learning with optional add-ons!


15 hours of content and curriculum tailored to your specific needs

English for Special
Purposes (ESP)

English for Videoconferencing

English for Effective Presentations

Cultural Intelligence and International-Teams Communication

Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

English for Socializing

English for Writing E-mails

Coaching and Nurturing others

Resolving conflict

And more!

Bundle and Save…
With our pre-packaged programs!

100% Teacher-powered

(45 hours)

(15 hours)

60 learning hours
100% Teacher-Powered

70% Teacher-powered


Special Program

Collaborative Learning

Is free for Max and Flex Program learners!

Join our Free collaborative learning classes, where you can learn in open groups on fun, specially prepared and engaging lesson plans including 21st Century Skills, game in the classroom and more.