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Why Bridge?

Language is what makes us human. As an EdTech company we embrace technology that helps us learn but also recognize that to learn to communicate effectively in a new language, nothing replaces a qualified teacher. This is why it’s no accident that Bridge is a world leader in English language teacher training and certification. TEACHERS ARE OUR SUPER POWER. It’s what makes us unlike any other language school or teacher marketplace around.

A global community of over 70,000 English language teachers engage with Bridge to get certified and continue their professional development, and we pull from our teacher community to bring you the very best certified business English teachers. We invest in our human capital the same way our customers invest in theirs. Here is just a sample of the specialized certification and credentials Bridge teachers earn that make them amongst the most engaged, effective and qualified teachers in the market.

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Our Solutions


Live online English classes with Global Teachers.


No matter the course format you take at Bridge, your program is always personalized, flexible and relevant.

Dynamic and interactive learning platform.


The Bridge platform integrates state of the art technology to deliver online learning, class and teacher scheduling, video conferencing, program management, reporting and billing. This custom platform offers the flexibility to meet specific training needs, up-to-date data security and continuous upgrades.

We deliver the learning analytics and data you need.


Our systems are state of the art, allowing us to provide companies the data they need to track employee progress and program management.

Trusted, reliable and recognized tests track your progress.


Language testing continues to advance, with many exams now offered online. Bridge offers a variety of independently verified solutions that provide language learners with the insights they need to best understand their current level and to set realistic learning objectives.

Customize your learning path.


  • Develop Language Skills for the Global Workplace
  • English for Specific Purposes

– Aviation
– Cabin Crew
– Fashion industry
– Logistics
– Engineering

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