Should I Take Group or Private English Classes?

You know you want to study English in the U.S., but should you take group or private classes? One offers lots of interaction with other students, potentially from around the world, but the other offers the chance for very tailored study and accelerated language learning. Here’s what to consider when choosing whether group or private English classes are right for you.

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Meet Carly Block: Took The Road Less Traveled, But Loves It!

Carly Block sort of stumbled into the world of English as a Second Language (ESL) by accident. It was never her plan to be a teacher, let alone an ESL teacher. But then a spontaneous trip to China with her father and sister introduced her to the very distinct world of ESL teachers and their lifestyle. Never having even heard of ESL, she was intrigued and sought out work teaching English in China. Little did she know that that particular experience would completely change her life path.

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Meet Anastasia Andriienko, Student at BridgeEnglish Denver

Looking back at the blog and all of the interviews I have done, I noticed something unusual. There are hardly any interviews with the female students at BridgeEnglish Denver. So, I decided to find one of our female students who has been here for a while and delve deeper into her motivation for coming to America, specifically Bridge, and for studying English. Her name is Anastasia Andriienko and she comes from the far away land of Ukraine and is our only Ukrainian student, at least since I have been here since last year. She came with almost no English except the alphabet and has moved up three levels since her arrival in January.

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Give Me a Break! Tim Samuelson Gives English Students the Chance to Get Away

Learning English is tough. Learning any language is tough. Sometimes you just need a break from classes, learning and books and get some fresh air, go for a hike or go to a museum, something. It is no different for the students at Bridge Denver. They study hard. Some study everyday from 9am until 6pm for months. That is a whole lot of learning. The brain can only absorb so much information before it says, “OK! I’ve had enough! I need a break! Take me outside!”

And that is where Tim Samuelson comes in. He is the Activities Coordinator and also the Academic Advisor here at BridgeEnglish Denver. He is the one who plans all of the extracurricular activities so that students can have some sort of reprieve from their studies. But, in fact, the activities impart knowledge to the students just as much as being in the classroom. Plus, they are really, really fun!

AB: Tim, tell me a little about your background and how you got involved with Bridge.

TS: I have always had a passion for traveling and I thought that teaching ESL would be a great way to see the world and work at the same time and so I decided to get my TEFL certification. I actually received my TEFL right here at Bridge Denver in 2006. I wanted to go to Spain and so, after I got my certification, I went to Madrid for a year and taught English there.

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Do You Know Your ABCs? A Guide for Study Abroad Agencies

In recent years, an increasing number of study abroad agencies have begun offering language study programs at our ABC locations—Argentina, Brazil and Chile. As Monica Szwarc, Country Director of Bridge in Brazil pointed out in our recent interview, more and more working adults are going abroad to study languages including Spanish and Portuguese. When working […]

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