Idaho Springs: A Quick Hop From Denver to Small (Mountain) Town America

Idaho Springs may not be Aspen or Vail, but it is a small town with lots of history, eating, shopping, and outdoor sports that will give you a taste of Colorado’s beautiful mountains just a half hour or so from Denver. Perfect for a half-day trip or for an entire weekend, Idaho Springs – population 2,000 – packs in lots for students, their friends, and their families to do in a small area.

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The Four Stages of Culture Shock You May Experience While Studying at BridgeEnglish Denver

Most people think they aren’t going to experience culture shock when they move to another country. “That isn’t going to happen to me,” they might say. “It’s going to be amazing every day I am there.”

That is exactly what I thought when I moved to South America for two years. I thought that I was different, stronger or something, until one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Coming to a new country is a challenge. It is exciting and new and scary and you don’t know exactly what to expect. Is it going to be that much different from my home country? Will I be able to adjust? So many questions go through your head even before you actually arrive in your host country. Everyone experiences culture shock differently and BridgeEnglish Denver students, whether they are here for only two weeks or for a year, must adapt to their new culture. It isn’t always that easy.

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What to Eat? Denver’s Array of International Cuisine Offers Global Variety

American Cuisine. What exactly is it? Sometimes, my students ask me what the typical dish of the United States is. That is not an easy question to answer because unless you count the cuisine of the Native American peoples, which is the only true American cuisine, then there really are no typical dishes of the United States.

Some people might think hamburgers or hotdogs or even apple pie are but they would be wrong. Hamburgers actually start as far back as the Mongolian Empire and hotdogs, well, most people know they are actually a German food as well as is apple pie. But these foods have become icons in America thanks in large part to McDonalds and all of its subsequent spin-off chain restaurants.

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Bridge Executive Students Briefed on World Business Climate for 2012

BridgeEnglish Denver is striving to enrich the cultural and professional experience of executive students while they are studying in Denver by introducing them to the international business community through networking and educational events at local universities and international organizations.

And, to kick off such events in 2012, a panel of prominent international executives recently briefed executive students and others on world economic trends in 2012 as part of the Bridge executive enrichment program. The January 12 event was held by the Colorado-based International Business Circle.

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Meet Amy Weinberg: Student Coordinator at BridgeEnglish

“Ask Amy.” Maybe that should be written on her door because that is the advice that everyone at Bridge gives each other when help is needed. Students tell other students to ask Amy, teachers tell students to ask Amy and even teachers tell teachers to ask Amy. Why? Because Amy is, for all intents and purposes, the backbone of Bridge. Anything and everything you need help with, you can bet that Amy Weinberg will be there to help out in any way possible. Her official title is Student Coordinator here at Bridge, but a more suitable title would be Ultimate Confidante and Friend to All.

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A Business English Student’s Experience at Bridge

On a Tuesday evening after class, I met with Matias Salinas from Ricketts Birkhizer, an international company that produces household and personal care products. About a year ago, Matias transitioned from the Marketing department in his native Argentina to his company’s Sales department in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Like many of our students, Matias is a […]

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Things to Do in Denver When You’re… Studying English

A cosmopolitan city with a small-town feel, Denver has an array of world-class museums and attractions to keep you occupied between ESL classes. But local excursions are more than just fun things to do; they’re a fabulous way to practice you’re English skills in a real-world setting. Here are our top-five favorite places in Denver to get you started, […]

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