Transforming Lives – Mission Accomplished: Meet Andressa Da Silva

Andressa Da Silva came to us from Brazil in an unusual way, selected in a special competition organized through the American consulate, the American Chamber of Commerce and Bridge. She is currently in the ninth week of her ten-week program and is making the most out of every single moment of this experience. Andressa has a positive attitude, magnetic personality and an amazing aptitude for learning English. I feel so lucky to have met this tremendous young woman and will be so sad to see her go. I invite you to learn more about her unique story below.

Amy: Tell me how you learned about Bridge.

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Getting Away to Evergreen: An Easy Trip to the Mountains

Visitors to Colorado usually have one specific vision in mind of our beautiful state and that vision is of the famous Rocky Mountains. I grew up with a view of the peaks to the west for my whole life, which was not a bad view to have from pretty much every vantage point in Denver. In the Winter, the peaks are white with hints of purple and green below the tree line. In the Summer, the Rockies can look anywhere from a deep purple to a dark grey, depending on the day, and in the Fall, if you are close enough, you can see the changing of the Aspen trees forming golden carpets amongst the evergreen trees. There is never a bad time to look at the mountains and BridgeEnglish Denver students should all take advantage of the picturesque beauty that is the Rocky Mountains.

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A Little Latina Spice Makes Learning English So Nice: Meet Mayinett Rodes

Mayinett Rodes is one spicy Latina woman. She is from Mexico and her personality and character are as spicy as the food. She says what’s on her mind, loves spicy food and can dance like only a true Mexican woman can. She was one of BridgeEnglish Denver’s executive students in the new Business English course until mid-October. Mayi, as she likes to be called, decided to take a much-needed vacation from her stressful job as a financial advisor in Veracruz, Mexico, and come to the United States to study English. We were glad she chose Bridge because she added a lot of charisma and well, spice (for lack of a better word), to the classes and atmosphere here at BridgeEnglish. She lends a unique perspective on what it is like to be a female in a male oriented business world.

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Forney Museum of Transportation: Definitely Worth a Look

Denver and the surrounding area is full of automobile history and action. The Forney Museum of Transportation is one of the city’s best attractions, yet it is one that relatively few visitors or residents know about or go to. This museum was formed from the personal vehicle collection of industrialist J.D. Forney, who based his businesses out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Steamboat Springs: A Taste of the Old West

Many BridgeEnglish Denver students come to Colorado not only because it is a great state with beautiful weather and magnificent natural scenery, but also because they have read or heard about “the Old West” or have seen John Wayne movies about cowboys and wagon trains.

While it is true that these things used to exist, they are not so much in existence anymore, in Denver anyway. However, there is a small mountain town (which incidentally is also one of the major ski areas in the state) by the name of Steamboat Springs that still bears themes of the Old West. If your desire is to see real life cowboys, old barns, and a taste of the Old West in the New Millennium, then Steamboat is definitely a destination during your stay at BridgeEnglish Denver.

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Meet Adriana Arias: Diplomat and Former Executive Student at BridgeEnglish Denver

Adriana Arias was an executive student at BridgeEnglish Denver for two months in the Spring of 2012. Having a job in international relations for the government in Colombia, it is extremely important for her to be able to speak English fluently because a large part of her job is communicating with people from all over the world, in English. Adriana was a pleasure to have in class. Full of Latina fire, she expressed her opinions freely and with conviction, and outside of class she was equally fun, joining both students and teachers in social events and trips around Colorado. Her stay here was short but her impact on fellow students and teachers will endure. She has since been back to work in Bogotá and continues to study English and speak it whenever she can.

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Seven Falls: It Pays to Get Out of The City

When you live in or visit Colorado, you have to get out of the city to visit the mountains at least once. One of the most beautiful places to do so is about an hour’s drive south of Denver.

Seven Falls lies 75 miles away from the state capital, just west of Colorado Springs. This series of waterfalls is situated in one of the most beautiful canyons in Colorado. Seven Falls offers something for everyone in the family, no matter how old or young.

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