Give Me a Break! Tim Samuelson Gives English Students the Chance to Get Away

Learning English is tough. Learning any language is tough. Sometimes you just need a break from classes, learning and books and get some fresh air, go for a hike or go to a museum, something. It is no different for the students at Bridge Denver. They study hard. Some study everyday from 9am until 6pm for months. That is a whole lot of learning. The brain can only absorb so much information before it says, “OK! I’ve had enough! I need a break! Take me outside!”

And that is where Tim Samuelson comes in. He is the Activities Coordinator and also the Academic Advisor here at BridgeEnglish Denver. He is the one who plans all of the extracurricular activities so that students can have some sort of reprieve from their studies. But, in fact, the activities impart knowledge to the students just as much as being in the classroom. Plus, they are really, really fun!

AB: Tim, tell me a little about your background and how you got involved with Bridge.

TS: I have always had a passion for traveling and I thought that teaching ESL would be a great way to see the world and work at the same time and so I decided to get my TEFL certification. I actually received my TEFL right here at Bridge Denver in 2006. I wanted to go to Spain and so, after I got my certification, I went to Madrid for a year and taught English there.

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Bridge Executive Students Launch Holidays with International Events

BridgeEnglisah Denver executive students launched the holiday season with an elegant evening at the Canadian Consul General’s residence December 8, followed by a meeting with one of the largest NGOs based in Denver December 14, as part of the Bridge executive enrichment program

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Meet Amy Weinberg: Student Coordinator at BridgeEnglish

“Ask Amy.” Maybe that should be written on her door because that is the advice that everyone at Bridge gives each other when help is needed. Students tell other students to ask Amy, teachers tell students to ask Amy and even teachers tell teachers to ask Amy. Why? Because Amy is, for all intents and purposes, the backbone of Bridge. Anything and everything you need help with, you can bet that Amy Weinberg will be there to help out in any way possible. Her official title is Student Coordinator here at Bridge, but a more suitable title would be Ultimate Confidante and Friend to All.

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BridgeEnglish Denver Students Learn More Than English Amid Diversity

There’s an array of national flags in the window of Director Richard Brown’s office that catches your eye as you walk into the Bridge English Denver (BED) language school.
Those flags testify to the diversity of nationalities present at any one time at the school in Denver, Colorado. According to current enrollment, 27 nationalities from all over the globe were represented at the school.

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Little Known Facts about Your English Teacher at Bridge

This month Bridge’s head English teacher in Denver, Timothy Samuelson, sat down with Denise Kray, our head IDELT trainer, to talk about the extensive training that our trainees go through in order to teach English at Bridge. Tim: Denise, I received my TEFL (teach English as a Foreign Language) certification in Madrid, Spain and felt that […]

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