Transforming Lives – Mission Accomplished: Meet Andressa Da Silva

Andressa Da Silva came to us from Brazil in an unusual way, selected in a special competition organized through the American consulate, the American Chamber of Commerce and Bridge. She is currently in the ninth week of her ten-week program and is making the most out of every single moment of this experience. Andressa has a positive attitude, magnetic personality and an amazing aptitude for learning English. I feel so lucky to have met this tremendous young woman and will be so sad to see her go. I invite you to learn more about her unique story below.

Amy: Tell me how you learned about Bridge.

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Learn English and Drink Beer in Colorado, the State With the Most Microbrews

Snow, the Rocky Mountains, Aspen, and laidback, friendly people. These are some of the terms people have used to associate with Colorado, and they are all true.  Colorado has great snow and the Rocky Mountains are home to some of the best skiing terrain in the entire world. Aspen is considered the Beverly Hills of […]

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Getting Away to Evergreen: An Easy Trip to the Mountains

Visitors to Colorado usually have one specific vision in mind of our beautiful state and that vision is of the famous Rocky Mountains. I grew up with a view of the peaks to the west for my whole life, which was not a bad view to have from pretty much every vantage point in Denver. In the Winter, the peaks are white with hints of purple and green below the tree line. In the Summer, the Rockies can look anywhere from a deep purple to a dark grey, depending on the day, and in the Fall, if you are close enough, you can see the changing of the Aspen trees forming golden carpets amongst the evergreen trees. There is never a bad time to look at the mountains and BridgeEnglish Denver students should all take advantage of the picturesque beauty that is the Rocky Mountains.

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Meet Stephan Käsermann: Master Mechanic and Cool Guy

Stephan Käsermann is one of a kind here at Bridge. He is always the center of everything fun. During class breaks, other students flock to him to hear his jokes or hear about his shenanigans over the weekend. His boisterous laugh is contagious and identifiable, filling the halls with humor and happiness. He is the student everyone wants to know and standing at an impressive six feet four inches, his presence is undeniable.

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Idaho Springs: A Quick Hop From Denver to Small (Mountain) Town America

Idaho Springs may not be Aspen or Vail, but it is a small town with lots of history, eating, shopping, and outdoor sports that will give you a taste of Colorado’s beautiful mountains just a half hour or so from Denver. Perfect for a half-day trip or for an entire weekend, Idaho Springs – population 2,000 – packs in lots for students, their friends, and their families to do in a small area.

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The Four Stages of Culture Shock You May Experience While Studying at BridgeEnglish Denver

Most people think they aren’t going to experience culture shock when they move to another country. “That isn’t going to happen to me,” they might say. “It’s going to be amazing every day I am there.”

That is exactly what I thought when I moved to South America for two years. I thought that I was different, stronger or something, until one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Coming to a new country is a challenge. It is exciting and new and scary and you don’t know exactly what to expect. Is it going to be that much different from my home country? Will I be able to adjust? So many questions go through your head even before you actually arrive in your host country. Everyone experiences culture shock differently and BridgeEnglish Denver students, whether they are here for only two weeks or for a year, must adapt to their new culture. It isn’t always that easy.

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