Sports Idioms for the Office

In American Business English, it is common to hear sports references in the office to describe processes that do not have anything to do with sports. Sayings like “Jump the Gun” simply do not make sense in the office. Here are 7 English expressions (derived from sports) that you will hear in the business world!

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Why Study English in Denver? For the Weather, Of Course!

Many native Coloradans say that if you want to live in a state with all four seasons, then Colorado is hands down the best state to live in. I couldn’t agree more. I personally think, aside from not having an ocean, Colorado is the greatest place to live in the United States, which makes it even better that BridgeEnglish is located in the heart of Denver.

When I first started working at Bridge, I have to admit, I found it a bit odd that students from all over the world would want to come study English in Denver, not because Denver isn’t great, but when you think about a foreigner coming to the states for the first time you assume that they would want to go to New York or Miami or Los Angeles; one of the bigger more popular states that are known throughout the entire world.

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Out and About: Bridge English Students at The Molly Brown House

Recently, a few Bridge English students went on an excursion to the Molly Brown House here in Denver. This was meant to be an opportunity for them to break out of the typical day-to-day classroom routine and instead engage in English language learning through a real-life cultural experience. It is not uncommon for Bridge English […]

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Transforming Lives – Mission Accomplished: Meet Andressa Da Silva

Andressa Da Silva came to us from Brazil in an unusual way, selected in a special competition organized through the American consulate, the American Chamber of Commerce and Bridge. She is currently in the ninth week of her ten-week program and is making the most out of every single moment of this experience. Andressa has a positive attitude, magnetic personality and an amazing aptitude for learning English. I feel so lucky to have met this tremendous young woman and will be so sad to see her go. I invite you to learn more about her unique story below.

Amy: Tell me how you learned about Bridge.

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Learn English and Drink Beer in Colorado, the State With the Most Microbrews

Snow, the Rocky Mountains, Aspen, and laidback, friendly people. These are some of the terms people have used to associate with Colorado, and they are all true.  Colorado has great snow and the Rocky Mountains are home to some of the best skiing terrain in the entire world. Aspen is considered the Beverly Hills of […]

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