BridgeEnglish Denver Students Network at IBC Event on Brazil

A small group of BridgeEnglish Denver students recently had the opportunity to network with international executives in Boulder, Colorado at an event hosted by the International Business Circle (IBC).

The IBC is a Denver-based group of business people who meet periodically to exchange ideas on global business trends. Most of the members have several years on average of international experience.

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From Iran to Core Values; Bridge Students Enjoy Varied Events

BridgeEnglish Denver students were involved in discussions ranging from how to run a people first profits later business to the threat of an Israeli strike on Iran at two very different events held in early March.

The first of those events was an evening at a private home in Boulder, about 30 miles north of Denver, hosted by the Denver-based International Business Circle (IBC) a networking group of people with international business backgrounds which hosts monthly events. BridgeEnglish Denver has an agreement with the IBC to allow a group of executive students from the school’s Business English program to attend these events each month.

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Coming to BridgeEnglish Denver? Check out the Broncos and Some Football, American Style

Are you thinking of heading to the USA to learn English here in Denver? If so, perhaps you should think about packing some blue and orange and get ready to cheer on the Denver Broncos, Colorado’s professional American football team.

The New York Giants’ Superbowl victory in early February may be well behind us and the quarterbacks and wide receivers are now nursing their hamstrings and their bank accounts in the offseason. But it won’t be long before the new season starts up again in late summer and you might well want to time your stay in Denver to coincide with the matches that take place involving Denver’s favorite professional sports team. The season runs from late August to February.

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Teacher, I Want to Learn British English. That’s Problematic Student.

England and America are two countries separated by a common language according to the famous phrase of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. Warm beer versus cold beer, cricket versus baseball.

Sometimes, it certainly seems that way when teaching at BridgeEnglish Denver. As a native of the old country, I am often asked by students which spelling version of a certain word is correct. Is it color or colour (cue Microsoft red line telling me I spelled the word wrongly)? Should I use the word lift or elevator? Is it soccer or football?

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Bridge Students Enjoy Nuggets Game and American Entertainment

The larger purpose of involving BridgeEnglish Denver students in the numerous field trips available to them during their stay at the school is to expose them to some of the cultural experiences local people may take for granted.

Whether it be skiing, ice skating, business networking events or the famous Western Stock show, such field trips give the students a glimpse of Rocky Mountain and American culture. They can involve themselves in activities and events that may just not happen in their home countries, giving them an appreciation of their stay at Bridge that is not simply limited to their school experience.

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Pizza and Professional Development for BridgeEnglish Teachers

Ever wondered how Bridge English Denver teachers come up with such original ideas as getting students to imagine how a conversation between Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama might sound? Or why we might ask students to write a so-called One Minute Paper on what the most interesting thing in class was that day.

As brilliant as most of the staff are, they often need guidance on new teaching approaches or at least revision of older methods they may have forgotten. To do that, they need training.

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My Life at Bridge and in Denver by Michiko Ito

My first day in Denver was November 17th and I have now therefore been here for about one and half months. I have worked at a paper distribution company in Japan for six and half years, the first three years in a division for subsidiaries, and then in a credit control function.
Because the company has tried to expand its global market, English language skills have become essential for our employees. I wanted to improve my English for my career and so I applied to the business program of my company. I had no idea about Denver and Bridge English before I came here, but I was happy that I could go to an unknown new place.

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BridgeEnglish Denver Students Learn More Than English Amid Diversity

There’s an array of national flags in the window of Director Richard Brown’s office that catches your eye as you walk into the Bridge English Denver (BED) language school.
Those flags testify to the diversity of nationalities present at any one time at the school in Denver, Colorado. According to current enrollment, 27 nationalities from all over the globe were represented at the school.

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