Carpe Diem! Making New Friends while Studying English in Denver

When studying English in Denver, it’s easy to get into a routine of classes, homework, sleep, repeat… so don’t forget to experience the new culture in which you’re immersed! The most enriching experiences you’ll have abroad are those made while doing things you wouldn’t or couldn’t do at home. Also, the fastest way to improve your English is to get out into the real world, have fun, and make plenty of mistakes.

It’s easy to spend all of your social time with others at the same language level, or others from the same country as you. Beware of this! It can stunt your improvement in English. The more native speakers you befriend, the faster you will improve your English.

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Student Activities at Bridge: Fine Tune Your English at the Denver Center Theatre Company

Attention theatre lovers! Here is a little known fact about the magic of your BridgeEnglish student ID cards: if you present your ID card an hour before any of the fantastic plays at the Denver Center Theatre Company, you can buy a discounted ticket for only $10! Though this does exclude any of the big, traveling Broadway shows, it still leaves an incredible choice of locally produced theatre.

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