Transforming Lives – Mission Accomplished: Meet Andressa Da Silva

Andressa Da Silva came to us from Brazil in an unusual way, selected in a special competition organized through the American consulate, the American Chamber of Commerce and Bridge. She is currently in the ninth week of her ten-week program and is making the most out of every single moment of this experience. Andressa has a positive attitude, magnetic personality and an amazing aptitude for learning English. I feel so lucky to have met this tremendous young woman and will be so sad to see her go. I invite you to learn more about her unique story below.

Amy: Tell me how you learned about Bridge.

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Youth Summer Holiday Programs at Bridge: Learn English and Have Fun!

Last July was an awesome summer in Denver. Twenty-two teenagers came to Bridge on a Youth Holiday Program for that month with their chaperon. This special program gives students a chance to learn English and experience American culture in beautiful Denver, Colorado with a group of peers.

This group spent the mornings studying English and the afternoons exploring various places in the area. Among other excursions, this group went to the Denver Zoo, Water World, and the Museum of Nature and Science. They also took a day-trip to Rocky Mountain National Park which all of the students loved. In the evenings, the students stayed with our welcoming host families with whom they ate dinner each night and participated in activities on the weekends.

Laura Gonzalez Ramos was one of the older students who participated in this program. She volunteered to provide some feedback via e-mail about her experience. Here is what I learned:

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The Lowdown on English Language Evaluations: Which test is right for you?

Among the services that BridgeEnglish offers is language testing. Students can choose between the IELTS , the TOEIC and the iTEP, depending on their needs and requirements. Which test is right for you? Find out by checking out the rubric below! BridgeEnglish has offered the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System) since March of […]

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Why Colorado Rocks – An English Student’s Perspective

On a gorgeous, 60-degree and sunny day in March I had the pleasure of interviewing Hayato Matsuzawa, a newly enrolled student in the Academic English Program at Bridge. Hayato told me that he loves living in Colorado, so I asked him some questions about his experience living here thus far. Hi Hayato. Tell me a […]

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