How to Use YouTube to Improve Your English!

BridgeEnglish teacher, Colleen Luckett, already taught us how to use Netflix and our phone to continue learning English. Now, here is her third tip in this series about how you can supplement your English classes by using technology: using YouTube to improve your English! 

Everybody Loves YouTube!

You can find almost anything on YouTube! For example, I love using it for how-to videos to fix things around my house. But you can also use it for learning English – and there are SO many great resources awaiting you there.

Pronunciation Videos to Supplement Your English Education

In our Bridge classes, we include English pronunciation in our lessons, but this is usually an area that students want even more practice with outside of class. So, a great way to take learning into your own hands is to search for English pronunciation videos on YouTube. There are so many videos dedicated to pronunciation, and watching a variety of different ones will expose you to the many accents that English speakers use, including regional accents in the U.S. or even accents around the world, such as in the U.K. or Australia. Here’s just one example:



YouTube Videos to Help Master the Phonemic Chart in English

If you have never properly learned the phonemic pronunciation of the English alphabet, don’t let it intimidate you– take it to YouTube! Use the search, “English pronunciation phonemic” and you’ll find many videos to help you. Be sure to look for videos that teach the American accent if you plan to study English in the U.S., since letters are pronounced differently with, for example, the British phonemic sounds!

Here’s an example:

Finally, you can always ask your Bridge instructor for their advice on what words to search for online to get supplemental English lessons on YouTube to suit your learning needs. Again, continuing your English learning outside Bridge classes will help you to become fluent much faster.

Do you have some favorite apps or videos for learning English? Please tell us in the comments! And if you missed the first two posts in this series, click here to learn about using Netflix to learn English and here to learn how your phone can help you become more fluent!