Spring and Summer Activities for Bridge English Students in Denver

Colorado may be best known for winter recreation, but as the snow melts in the mountains and the trees turn green, Denver, known as “the Mile High City,” comes alive. Denver is a great year-round destination, and the spring and summer months are filled with numerous festivals, concerts, and other events that offer English students at Bridge a wide range of opportunities to sample the local culture.


Denver is one of the few US cities with a team in every professional sport. As a student at Bridge, you can take part in activities to see them all! The Colorado Rockies (baseball) and Colorado Rapids (soccer) both begin their seasons in the spring and play regular home games throughout the summer months. The Rapids are captained by none other than Tim Howard, the long-time keeper of the US men’s national team who spent more than ten years competing against the top teams in England. The Rockies entertain crowds with the sport known as “America’s Past-Time” at Coors Field, a downtown stadium that comes to life on the summer evenings. Grab a seat, a local beer, and watch the sunset over the stunning mountains that give the team their name. Go Rox! Read more about Denver sports teams in this guide.

A summer evening at Coors Field.

A summer evening at Coors Field.

Outdoor Activities

Colorado is known around the country for its love of outdoor life. The mountains are less than a 30-minute drive away, making summer hiking and camping easily accessible. Coloradans also enjoy river rafting in mountain streams or creeks, or they grab a hook, line, and sinker to go fishing. But you don’t need to leave the city to get your heart racing! Downtown Denver hosts plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Three holidays mark the unofficial beginning, middle, and end of summer in the United States: Memorial Day in late May, Independence Day on July 4, and Labor Day in early September. These days are known for outdoor festivities, from barbecues and picnics to lawn games and concerts. July 4th is the biggest of these three, with Denver putting on a major fireworks show that can be seen from around the city. Don’t forget to wear Red, White, and Blue!

Fireworks on the 4th of July in Denver, Colorado. Denver is the most populous city in Colorado.

4th of July Fireworks over downtown Denver.



Going to watch live music is a popular spring and summer activity in Colorado. Every week, there are multiple shows at Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The famous outdoor amphitheater hosts everything from contemporary pop musicians to outdoor movies. The Red Rocks season closes around October, so make the most of the perfect weather and see a couple shows in the spring and summer! Meanwhile, Denver’s City Park offers “City Park Jazz” on summer Sunday evenings. Come enjoy local music while sampling one of the many food trucks! You can also check out other concerts throughout the Denver area; there certainly isn’t any shortage.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks Ampitheatre


Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are a classic summer event throughout the US, where local farmers come to sell their fresh products. Denver hosts numerous farmers’ markets during the summer months, with tents offering everything from fresh fruit to chocolate to craft beer. Many of the markets also offer live music and food trucks. The markets are in different locations throughout the city, with events downtown at Union Station, near the Bridge center, and in surrounding neighborhoods such as City Park, Cherry Creek, and more. Click here for more information.


Colorado is known as a great destination for beer lovers. Headquartered in the nearby town of Golden, Coors Brewing Company has been open since 1873, and is an internationally-known brand. More recently, Colorado has become well known for “craft breweries,” which are locally-owned businesses that produce their own beer in small batches, resulting in unique and inventive flavors. By some counts, Denver is home to more than 70 breweries. If that seems overwhelming, consider a guided brewery tour. Some tours offer the chance to visit multiple breweries in one afternoon.  Remember that you must be at least 21 years old to buy or drink alcohol in the US!

Great Divide

Bridge English Students at Great Divide Brewing Company.

Local Events

This list only covers a handful of the many great spring and summer activities in the Mile High City. Bridge English students can take part in many of these activities as part of their program, and Bridge staff is always here to help you discover the best new things to do. Unique events are always popping up!


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