Benefits of Taking a Business English Program in the U.S.

English is the language of international business and finance, so becoming proficient in the vocabulary, expressions and cultural conventions of the English-speaking corporate world will lead to greater opportunity at home and abroad.

If you plan to take Business English classes, it may seem easiest to sign up for courses locally in your home country, but there are significant benefits to taking part in a program abroad that make it well worth the investment of time and money.


Learn the culture, not just the language

When you study English at home, you’re only getting part of the picture. English, like every language, has nuances of word meaning and tone, includes idioms and slang, and even certain expressions of body language. All of these details are conveyed as part of the English-speaking culture, so immersing yourself in it is the best way to get a deeper understanding of the language.


Benefit from a multicultural classroom

In Business English classes in your home country, you’re most likely going to be surrounded by other people who share the same native tongue. That may be a comfortable learning environment, but it doesn’t represent the challenges you’ll face in a real, multicultural corporate setting. In international business, you need to be able to communicate effectively with people from various cultures who may speak English with different accents. Studying Business English abroad puts you in classrooms with a mix of students from around the world, representing the diversity you’ll find in real communication.


Become accustomed to a variety of English accents

In English classes abroad, you’ll hear a variety of accents from your multicultural classmates, but you will also benefit from the range of English you’ll hear in your everyday life. You may have one teacher from the Southern U.S. who speaks with a very different accent (and uses different regional expressions) than another teacher you have from the Northeastern States. Outside of class you’ll also interact with the “melting pot” of Americans, exposing you to a wide variety of English that you would not experience if you took classes at home.


Take part in business-focused activities outside class

When class is over for the day, you are going to be exposed to English substantially more than you would be at home. You’ll interact with English speakers in your day-to-day experience, but best of all you can take part in school-sponsored activities aimed specifically at practicing your corporate English conversation skills. For example, Bridge Business English classes in Denver include the Executive Enrichment Program, which provides real-world activities such as lectures, networking events, and workshops designed to expose you to an American business environment. This gives you a valuable opportunity to apply newly acquired vocabulary and language skills in a relevant context.


 Enhance your CV

Having international, immersive language experience on your resume will set you apart from the crowd if you are seeking to advance your career with your current employer or search for a new position with an international corporation. Studying Business English abroad shows dedication to becoming proficient not just in general English, but in the specific language needed to succeed in the global marketplace.     

With 30 years’ experience in language instruction, Bridge can help you master the language of the corporate world. BridgeEnglish offer 3 Business English options at our Denver English center: 1) 100% Business English group classes 2) a combination of General English and private Business English tutoring or 3) General English + Business English group classes.


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