8 Free Online Resources to Improve Your English

Do you have your smartphone with you right now? Then you’ve also got a great opportunity to practice your English for free. How? Here are 8 apps and websites you can use today that offer adult learners creative and fun ways to improve their English anytime and anywhere.


1- GCF Learn Free
GCF offers a variety of online learning topics, including English, and you can use this site to play games that help you practice your language skills. GCF also features quirky animated grammar videos to help explain some tougher concepts, such as “its” vs. “it’s.”


2- Oxford University Press
This site has games, stories, quizzes and learning materials you can access by level and topic. One cool feature on the site is an interactive activity that asks you to translate text message abbreviations (such as “SRY”) into full English words.


3- Easy World of English
Easy World of English is a multi-media site with reading, writing, grammar and listening exercises designed to improve your English. One of the best features of this site is the pronunciation section, where among other activities, you can listen to often-confused English words and sounds (called minimal pairs) side by side, such as “eat” and “it” or “cup” and “cap.


4- Lyrics Training
Do you like learning English through songs? Then this is the free site for you. Choose a song and then choose your English level and Lyrics Training will create a custom game for you, such as a vocabulary fill in the blank exercise, so you can learn while you listen.


5- British Council
The British Council site has a variety of high quality, free educational resources for English learners. You can start by testing your level, then choose from activities such as podcasts for listening practice, grammar games, email writing exercises or videos episodes featuring various real-life scenarios.


6- DuoLingo
DuoLingo is an easy-to-use app to get your daily dose of English practice on the go. First, you’ll take a short test to determine your level then you can work through short, interactive activities such as listening to sentences or matching vocabulary to get to the next higher level. Daily reminders keep you on-task.


7- Memrise
Memrise is a community-driven website for language learning that uses the science of how we learn to make English practice more fun and effective. For example, Memrise uses flashcard images with mnemonic devices (tricks for remembering words) to help vocabulary stick. You can even take full courses on Memrise.


8- Learn English with Misterduncan (YouTube Channel)
Mr. Duncan is a British instructor with a series of videos on YouTube that are subtitled, clearly spoken, and great for learners who want exposure to the British English accent and vocabulary. The videos feature his signature dry humor as he helps learners with a variety of common questions, such as, “Response to ‘Please’/’Thank You” and “Learn English Slang.”


If you want English practice on the go, these are the apps websites that make it possible. Finally– a good excuse for always staring at your phone!

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