3 Smartphone Apps to Improve Your English

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. They are great to stay in touch with friends, take pictures of your adventures, find your way when you get lost, read the menu for a new restaurant and, of course, shop online! Did you know you can also improve your English with your smartphone? Here are some very useful (and fun) apps for you to download today:


  1. Duolingo

This free app is very popular: millions of people around the world use it to learn new languages! It’s a great way to build your English vocabulary and practice your grammar by playing fun, fast games. You can set goals for yourself so you stay on track.


  1. Words with Friends 

This is a very entertaining game that helps you practice your vocabulary and play with your friends. You will each take turns creating words from your available letters, which forces you to get creative! If you spell a word wrong, the game will not accept it, so it’s a great way to work on spelling as well. Be warned—this game can be very addictive!


  1. LearnEnglish Grammar 

Even though you may not want to, you know you should practice your grammar! The British Council has created a great app full of activities to improve your English grammar. You also have the option of purchasing more lessons as you improve.


There are many more apps available to prepare for tests, like the IELTS or the GRE. You can also read newspapers, like the Denver Post or the New York Times, on your smartphone to continue improving your English. Another tip: change your smartphone language setting to English—this is a great way to get yourself thinking in English all the time!


Which apps do you use on your smartphone to practice English?