Student Activities: what to do after school?

Happy Hours!

Every month our staff at BridgeEnglish in Denver organize a happy hour for students over the age of 21. This is a great opportunity to get to know Bridge teachers and staff better, and to sample some of Colorado’s famous beer. Bonus: Bridge buys the first round!



Explore the outdoors

Besides great beer, Colorado is known for amazing scenery and active citizens. Our students can go on a hike with a teacher to practice their English, enjoy nature and get a little healthier in the process.



Sporting events

With 7 professional sports teams in Denver, there is no shortage of great live sporting events to attend! We make all transportation arrangements and our teachers accompany students to ensure everyone has a great time learning English.




Just steps away from our front door is everything downtown Denver has to offer. Our organized tours by our teachers are a great opportunity to learn more about the Mile-High City.



U.S. holidays

There are many unique holidays to participate in when you study in the U.S. Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Halloween are just a few examples. On these occasions, we organize special activities so you can learn more about U.S. culture.




Local events

Denver has a host of interesting events that you won’t find anywhere else! We help students learn about these opportunities and add them to our activities calendar.



On your own…

That is a short list of activities organized by Bridge. We also provide plenty of suggestions, advice and help to encourage you to explore on your own!