Prepare to Take the IELTS: A Chronological Guide

If you signed up to take the IELTS, you want to get the best score possible, right? A little planning and organization will go a long way towards making your test experience stress-free and successful. Read on for a step-by-step guide to plan the months, weeks, and days leading up to your test date.

2-4 Months before you take the IELTS:

2-4 Weeks before you take the IELTS:

  • Do practice exercises and take at least one practice exam.  IELTS Power Prep courses offer online practice, mock exams with teacher feedback, and even in-person prep courses at our center in Denver.

  • Based on your practice test results, devise a plan to work on the specific areas that need improvement. If you take the IELTS Power Prep Online Mock Exam, follow the teacher recommendations on what areas to study.

The week before you take the IELTS:

  • Double check test location and time. Make sure you plan ample time to arrive on time.

  • Review the IELTS rules and regulations from your application form again thoroughly.

  • Continue to practice areas of the test that you need to improve.

The day before you take the IELTS:

  • Make sure to get plenty of rest and eat well.

  • Get some exercise and plan an early bedtime so you will be rested and focused on test day.

The day of your IELTS exam:

  • Plan to arrive early for your test and bring proper ID.

  • Eat a healthy meal beforehand to keep your energy levels up. (Avoid sugars and carbohydrates right before the test as they will lead to an energy crash.)

  • Take deep breaths and give yourself plenty of time on each question.

  • Check your work and your answers on each section before moving on.

After the test:

Congratulations, you did it! Be sure to celebrate and reward yourself for you hard work! Your test results will be mailed 13 calendar days after the test date. Results can only be issued by mail or given to you in person at your test center.

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