Make Friends on the Slopes with these Ski Terms

I am a native English speaker, but when I first moved to Colorado it wasn’t easy to understand the locals. Ski culture has a vocabulary all its own! Here are a few of my favorite terms that I learned while skiing in the Colorado Rockies. If you can learn a few, it will go a long way towards making friends in the lift line.

  • shred the gnar – to ski or snowboard really well; to have a good day on the ski slopes; a variation on this is to “swipe the gnar card”
  • yard sale – a bad crash that leaves your ski equipment and clothing scattered all over the trail
  • pow – a short term for powder: light, fine, and deep snow; a variation is “pow pow”
  • mashed potatoes – wet and heavy snow, usually happens after un-seasonally warm weather or for spring skiing
  • groomers – ski slopes that are well-groomed, so the snow surface is flat, even, and easy to ski
  • freshies – when you cut through freshly fallen snow before anyone else does; also called first tracks

So are you ready to shred the gnar? Pray for snow so you can experience the Colorado pow pow while you study English at Bridge! If you are a beginner, you might want to stick to some groomers until you get comfortable on the mountain; we wouldn’t want to have any yard sales!