Carlos from Guatemala: Studying English and Living with a Host Family in Denver

Carlos came from his home country of Guatemala to study academic English in Denver, Colorado at BridgeEnglish. Though he had never left his family before, he had long dreamed of traveling to the U.S. to study English in order to have better career opportunities for his future.  Carlos wrote the following blog post about his experience living with a host family for English class:

On August 6th, I made an important decision. When I first applied to Bridge, I originally planned to stay at a hotel but I decided to live with a host family instead. I had never lived with a host family in my entire life! I was excited but kind of worried because I didn’t know what to expect from my host family. What if they didn’t like me? Or what if I didn’t get along with them? Would their culture be totally different from mine? I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind.

A week before I left for Denver I received an e-mail from Bridge with information about my host family and instructions about what to do after arriving at Denver’s airport. The e-mail said that my host would be Betty, a nice Catholic woman with a neat house and a boxer (dog). Most importantly, was her granddaughter who is very close to Betty. It also said that I would probably live with a roommate; I just hoped that my roommate would be easygoing.

On August 15th I said goodbye to my family, something that I had never done before. They were worried but gratified at the same time because I was following my dreams. On my trip to Denver I felt anxious and excited. Once I arrived at the Denver airport, I started looking for Betty, when I saw Alexandria, Betty’s granddaughter, instead. She was with two other people, one of whom was Paul, a friend of Alexandria, and the other one was Marie, my new roommate.

Once in Betty’s house I finally met my host mom. She is a kind lady who resembles my grandmother. The days started to pass and Alexandria took us to Red Rocks Amphitheater- it was an awesome place. I became friends with Alex and Marie; we went to dance classes, we did some shopping and visited the capitol building. Last week we went to Elitch Gardens. We had been having a lot of fun together. I was disappointed when Marie had to go back to France because I liked her and we became good friends in just a few days.

I am pleased with my host family because they are really warm people and I get along with them. Despite the fact that Lulu the Boxer is crazy, I still enjoy petting her. At Bridge there are approximately 10 teachers and so far the ones I have met are friendly and respectful. My family and I are satisfied with the choice we made, although it seemed like a hard decision at the beginning, it was just the start of a new adventure in Denver!

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