Business English Student Profile: Yuka Shirosaka, employee of Japanese food manufacturer

With 1.75 billion people around the world speaking English at a proficient level, it is without a doubt the language of international business. To help students worldwide succeed in this English-centered global marketplace, BridgeEnglish in Denver offers a unique program of study for professionals. In the Business English program at Bridge, students learn to use English comfortably and effectively in the context of the business world. Among other hands-on projects completed throughout the program, students finish the course by giving English presentations about their own companies.

Yuka Shirosaka, a recent graduate of the Bridge Business English program, gave her  presentation about her company Suntory, which is the number one Japanese food and beverage manufacturer. We interviewed her after her presentation to hear how it went and to learn more about her experience as a student in the Bridge Business English course.

What was the purpose of your presentation?

Suntory is a Japanese food and beverage manufacturer so I wanted to introduce Japanese food and show Suntory health beverage products. I made a popular Japanese snack called takoyaki, which is diced octopus covered in wheat-flour. To make it more personalized to BridgeEnglish, I named the Japanese food “Colorado Ball.” I also discussed the health benefits of two Suntory drinks: Tokucha, which is green tea, and Pepsi Special, which is similar to Coke. Then audience members got to sample the Colorado Ball, Tokucha, and Pepsi Special.

What did the audience think of the food?

I think everyone enjoyed tasting the Colorado Ball and drinks. I asked for the audience’s feedback on Tokucha and Pepsi Special to make my presentation more interactive. People said the green tea was very strong and slightly bitter while the Pepsi Special tasted like Coke.

Tell us more about your company.

Suntory was founded in Japan in 1899 first as a wine company. Then we later expanded to whiskey and beer, and now we have a diverse product line with other drinks and food. Currently, we are the #1 food manufacturer in Japan and the #3 beverage manufacturer in the world.

Suntory Business English 2

Why did you come to Bridge?

My company sponsored me to learn at BridgeEnglish Denver to increase my English language skills, broaden my perspective on diversity, and gain international business experience. For the past five months, I have been learning English in a business setting and have been working specifically on this presentation project.

 What do you like about Bridge?

I like that Bridge offers the Business English program because it is very specialized to Business students like me. I have been able to improve my English in a business setting and I have been given many opportunities to practice my English presentation skills.

After Yuka finishes her Business English course, she will return to Japan where, now that she has completed this course, she is eligible for a promotion. Even though she doesn’t know what department she will work in, she is confident that she will use her sharpened English skills and the international business experience from BridgeEnglish in her new role. We wish Yuka the best of luck!

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Interview and post by Nancy Choi, Bridge Marketing Intern