Learn Slang: Cold Feet

Every language has certain words and phrases that are used in informal ways that are different from what you learned in class or in your dictionary. These informal “slang” words are like a secret language, and can be difficult to decipher when you’re learning a language. This month’s slang expression is to have “cold feet.”

 There are many instances when someone could literally have cold feet, like when they’re wearing sandals in the winter, for example. However, the slang use of the expression, “I have cold feet,” means something completely different! This can be very confusing, but if you hear someone is talking about having cold feet and it’s summer, or it just doesn’t make sense, what they might be trying to say is that they are scared or anxious about what they are about to do. For example, it is said that people get “cold feet” right before they get married. This phrase also implies that the person is likely to do something about it, like maybe run away from their wedding!