Executive Enrichment Program: Lectures, Networking, Workshops, and More

BridgeEnglish Denver provides professional development and English speaking practice outside of the classroom through ‘Executive Enrichment Events.’ The events not only provide variety while learning English, but they provide real-world experience through speaking with native English speakers. Sarah Karsh of BridgeEnglish Denver says, “In learning a language, practicing outside the classroom is essential,” she adds, “Our Business Enrichment Events allow our students to get that extra practice and while applying the vocabulary and skills they learn in class to real world situations.” With this program, Business English students get outside of the classroom and inside the walls of American businesses.

Because of its long and successful 30-year history in Denver, BridgeEnglish has created lasting relationships with other businesses to allow for networking for English students. It is through these relationships that students have even more opportunities to thrive in English learning. Some of the companies that students visit are Cisco, World Trade Center Denver, and Easter Owens. Though these are companies that Business English students visit often, Sarah adds the importance of finding of  businesses that relate to student interest . “Our goal is to find companies relevant to the interests and industries our students work in, so that they may meet with people who share similar careers, interests, and goals.” The BridgeEnglish team is always working to find more relevant companies to network with in order to maximize students learning.

With at least one event per week, even if students choose a short-term English study, all students will have the opportunity to attend Business Enrichment Events. Weekly events offer flexibility for students, ensuring they have the opportunity to attend. “The number of events a student attends will depend entirely on the length of their program,” adds Sarah.

Because events are tailored to current student interest, no two events are the same. “On average the more formal networking events last about three hours and include a meal or drinks, or both! Some of our more casual events, like brewery tours, are going to be shorter,” says Sarah.

Students genuinely enjoy the events and gain a lot of practice through participating in them. “In my experience, all the students love the events. They really enjoy relaxing with some wine or cocktails and meeting new people while also getting to better know classmates, teachers, and staff. Plus we find that students have a fairly easy time speaking English outside of the classroom; changing the setting does a world of good,” says Sarah of the events. Between learning in the classroom, and practicing speaking English outside of the classroom, Sarah says, “Students complete their program prepared to use their business English skills when they return to their home country.”

If you are interested in learning more about BridgeEnglish Executive Enrichment events, visit http://www.bridgeenglish.com/executive-enrichment-program/?source=3

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