Where Should I Study English in the USA?


You have made the decision to improve your English skills; maybe it’s to earn a degree in English or to succeed in the global marketplace, or because you want to learn practical English skills while experiencing life like Americans do. Now that you’ve decided to learn the language most widely spoken throughout the world, your next decision is finding the best location to study. There are English courses offered all over the USA, but we’ve got a few reasons why Colorado is the best place to learn English.

New York Can Be “Noisy”
When most people think of America, the first place that comes to mind is The Big Apple. While it is possible to work on your English skills in New York City, many new learners find it extremely difficult to improve their skills there because they can’t focus with the many flashy distractions; in other words, it’s too “noisy”. Because it is the most populated city in the United States, NYC is also very noisy – as in loud! If you’re not accustomed to a fast-paced, flashy city, this can be extremely overwhelming. This, along with the fast speech of a New Yorker, makes building listening and speaking skills difficult. It is a great city to visit for a cultural experience – the diversity, the art, the iconic Statue of Liberty – it may not be the ideal location for you to perfect your English.

California Is Costly
“The Golden State” offers beautiful beaches, lively Los Angeles, and tasty tacos, but California is not cheap. Ranking fourth most expensive state in the entire country, it costs (on average) upwards of $1,900 to rent a small apartment in most Californian cities. With living costs like that, there leaves little financial room for visitors to truly experience the perks of this state like the wine in Napa Valley or magical Disneyland. What’s even more stressful on those interested in learning English to accomplish career goals, is that the business atmosphere in California has rapidly declined in recent years, and unemployment rates are at a nation-wide high. If you’re looking for an affordable American adventure to benefit your English learning experience, California is simply unsuitable.

Colorado – The Healthiest Choice
It’s no secret that Coloradans are passionate about being active. As the smallest city in the country (by population) to have four major professional sports teams, Denver aims to keep everyone actively entertained year round. With one of the lowest obesity rates in America, The Centennial State benefits a healthy lifestyle with its plethora of outdoor activities; think 5000 acres of urban parkland to explore at your leisure. Practice your listening skills by taking a ski lesson at one of the nearby ski resorts, or test your conversational English making new friends as you bike or hike the trails and parks that cover the state. If your motivation for learning English is to improve your life, consider the added health benefits that just come naturally when living a Colorado lifestyle.

Learn English in Colorado and improve your life in more ways than one. Get started by contacting one of our helpful academic advisors, or downloading a brochure for more information about learning English with Bridge.