Resolve To Improve Your English For Good

The upcoming New Year is a good time to think about what you want to accomplish. A lot of people want to improve their lives in significant ways and make resolutions like eating healthy foods, perhaps travel more and loose some weight. I am here to tell you why improving your English should be on the top of your resolution list.

Why should you improve your English? Besides the benefits of speaking and learning a second language, English is increasingly becoming the language of international education, international business, and the Internet. Do you ever begin a sentence in English and stop to find the right word?  Or find yourself switching between your native language and English during a conversation? Do you find you understand more than you are able to communicate?

These are some of the challenges that motivate our students to learn English and have a complete immersion experience with us. When you are living the language 24/7, you gain confidence, expand your vocabulary and gain a new worldview. Often times, we find that moving from an intermediate level of English to an advanced level of English is more challenging than moving from a beginner to intermediate level. This is because you understand most of what is spoken to you, you can mostly write without a dictionary, however, you compromise when you don’t have the vocabulary and even though you make some grammatical mistakes, those around you can understand most of the time.

Having these communication setbacks on a daily basis can be difficult. Being confident and fluent in English will improve your career prospects and open up a world of content and learning. With English, you can travel almost anywhere in the world and find someone who understands you. This is why I suggest your resolution is not to learn English or another language from the beginning, but rather, take the time to improve your English this year. Invest in your existing skills with an experience that will ensure you begin thinking in English, rather than attempting those tricky translations in your head.

So when you are making the list for next year, add improving your English to your list of goals, and think about what would be the best and most efficient way to achieve that goal. Learning a language is a lifelong process; you need to use what you already have and aim to take your skills to the next level. Start small, reading the news in English, watching movies without subtitles, and consider investing in an immersion experience; there is nothing quite like it. Check out these free apps to improve your English.

Take a look at our General English Program and get started on advancing your English skills for good!