Experience the New Year in Denver!

New Year in Denver

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door.” -Traditional Irish New Year’s toast

Every year, thousands of people from all over Colorado come together in Denver to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. In Spain, the tradition is to eat one grape for each of the twelve chimes at midnight. In South Africa, locals throw old appliances out their windows. In Colombia, people carry around empty suitcases hoping for a year full of travel. In Denver, the much anticipated countdown to the New Year is celebrated with parties, concerts and fireworks and then many partake in the tradition of kissing their partner as the clock reaches midnight!

Many of the city’s events happen in downtown Denver, but you will also find New Year’s celebrations in the mountains, in other cities and in several homes. Before you set out to indulge in one of the most joyous annual celebrations, there are some words or phrases you may need to know!

Bubbly – when used in reference to the New Year, this is usually champagne. Alternatively, it is any carbonated beverage and for those that do not like champagne—sparkling grape juice!

Toast – this is not the bread you eat at breakfast, but instead a speech given by one person to a gathering of people in which they raise their glasses and take a drink (usually of some “bubbly”) together in celebration.

Resolution – to start the New Year fresh and positive, people make resolutions – or promises – to do something differently throughout the New Year. A great resolution would be to improve your English skills!

“Stroke of Midnight” – when the clock hits 12 o’ clock or 12:00 am. This is the moment that the fireworks are set and partners kiss each other.

“Ring in the New Year” – used in reference to the act of getting together to celebrate the “stroke of midnight”.

If you want to partake in some of Denver’s New Year’s celebrations, make your way to the 16th Street Mall and watch the fireworks at 9pm and midnight, with tons of entertainment on the streets between the fireworks shows!

Don’t forget to start the year off on a good note and promise yourself to improve your language skills in 2015.