Turning My English From Challenge to Confidence

Has the challenge of learning English kept you from taking on the new language? We’ve got the inside scoop on how Nathalie, BridgeEnglish Denver student erased her fear of English and turned it something much stronger than she ever could have imagined:

Everything started when I saw my little sister speaking in English with my “Nana” (“Nanny” in Venezuela) who is from Trinidad & Tobago.  At six years old, my sister could understand and speak more English than me. So, obviously I felt uncomfortable. Along with this experience, I noticed the high job competition that exists today. The desire for a better job pushed me on my way to start my English studies because I felt the need to improve it.

I decided to come to Bridge English because a friend recommended the school to me. I considered my options, and then I selected Bridge. My first two months were amazing because I had classmates from Ukraine, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Russia and Libya.  We all had different cultures, different customs and religions; the only thing in common was the interest in learning English, which was great. It was the only  common language for everybody, so we had to speak in English.

The school is essential for learning grammar, and they encouraged me to stop being afraid of speaking in a foreign language. In my experience, I took private classes rather than the group classes. I think it’s the perfect match for clearing doubts that I developed during my group class, and this helps me strengthen my weaknesses. The language practice in my home-stay, on the street, and in any place that I’ve visited has had great value. The biggest challenge is understanding a native person. If you can understand at least 80% of what they said, then this is enough for you to believe that you are doing a great job!

Denver is a cozy city. The people are very friendly, and wherever you go you’ll always receive a smile. The variety of towns and mountains around Denver are very special, because in each place you will find something interesting to do or learn. If you like hiking, Denver is the ideal city! Also, during the summer, you can see the large amount of outdoor activities there are to enjoy.

If something is keeping you from making the decision to learn English in another country (for instance because you will miss your family and friends), I’ll tell you that my number one weapon against homesickness is using social networks, which will be your new best friend. I have meetings every day with my friends and family on Skype, Whatsapp, etc, and it’s worth it.

Take the risk! Now I feel much more secure about myself. I’m prepared to talk with anybody in English and I’m ready to travel with the confidence knowing that I can defend myself in my second language.

Ready to be confident in your English skills like Nathalie? Express yourself in a new language with our General English Program.