Do You Know How to Ski in English?

For many BridgeEnglish students, a snowy winter is a completely new experience. But for Denverites, a fresh snowfall means one thing: time for skiing!

On the weekends, many students make their way to one of the popular ski resorts close to Denver to try out this sport. The favorites are Loveland, Breckenridge and Vail, all easily accesible by car.

But if you don’t have snow in winter where you’re from, then you most likely don’t know the vocab that goes with this icy sport. So before you “hit the slopes” (go skiing) check out these common ski-related concepts!

Bunny Hill – a ski slope designated for beginners that has a very slight incline and lots of space, if you’ve never skiied before, stick to the bunny hill!

Powder – a fresh snowfall that has low moisture content – this is the best to ski on!

Bluebird day – a bright, sunny day after a fresh snowfall, these types of days are the best to be on the slopes!

Slush – this is snow that has melted and refrozen and is melting again. It is very wet, icy and watery and can make skiing difficult, but fun if you’re an experienced skier! You’ll usually find slush at the end of the ski season, when Spring starts.

Freestylers – these are skiers or snowboarders that do jumps and tricks with special equipment made for this purpose. They are very skilled, and fun to watch!

If you want to learn English and enjoy ski season in Denver, check out our Ski and Study Program!