How To Find The Perfect Home-Stay, The Bridge Way

Future students always ask me, why should I choose a Bridge home-stay with an American host family? I always give them the same answer: whether they are coming for 2 weeks or 24, whether they are executives or university students, consider a Bridge home-stay because they make everything better! It’s true, the right home-stay family can help your listening skills, teach you about American culture, show you around Denver, share their experiences and interests with you, and help make your experience unforgettable.

It’s not always easy finding a home-stay for our students. Unfortunately, without the proper preparation and training, a home-stay can quickly become uncomfortable and actually detract from the student’s experience. Here at Bridge we have a system carefully developed to ensure a good experience for the student and the family.

The first question we get from students is typically “How far will I live from school?” Denver is a city with many different exciting neighborhoods, so we want to balance travel time with other benefits such as the size of the house, nearby amenities and the ease of public transportation. Our students never spend more than 45 minutes traveling from their home-stay to our school using public transportation, and most of them spend much less. This distance limit is our first consideration when finding new home-stays as it directly impacts every day of a student’s course.

We have a wide range of home-stays, so there is a perfect family for everyone! Some of them have children, some of them are divorced, some are single parents and some are same-sex couples and families with dogs, cats and much more! We want to make sure that everyone at home is involved in the experience of our international students, and we get to know our home-stays very well. We want to offer students an authentic cultural immersion, and families in the US come in all shapes and sizes.

Background checks and home-checks
Student safety and comfort is always very important, so we conduct background checks and extensive home-checks. We want to make sure students will have a private bathroom and a good place to study.

Planning and Orientation
It’s not over! Welcoming an international student into your home requires some idea of how to handle cultural and language barriers, as well as student and home-stay expectations. Our Housing Manager conducts an in-depth orientation for all home-stays, to make sure they are ready for this new adventure.

Dedicated staff
Our amazing Housing Manager personally works with each home-stay and student to find the perfect match. She is always available for questions, ongoing support and training for our home-stays, which is absolutely crucial to make sure everyone benefits from the experience.

 We offer students and home-stays the ability to reach out to each other via email before the student arrives in Denver. This helps the student prepare for their trip and know the friendly face waiting for them at the airport.

We are very lucky at Bridge, because Denver has plenty of public transportation options, which means we are able to include many different people in our home-stay network. We’ve had families with us for more than 10 years, and some that are specifically requested by our students! They also help us recruit future Bridge home-stays by sharing their experiences with their friends and families. We see the results of their work every day in our student’s experiences and improvement.

Need more proof? Check out our student testimonials to hear our student’s experiences with their home-stays!