Top 3 Host Family Benefits

Deciding to learn a language and take an Intensive English Program in a new country is a big decision to make because there are a lot of “what ifs” that can keep you from fully immersing yourself into your adventure. While these are appropriate concerns to have when you move to a new country, we’ve got the perfect solution for you to take full advantage of Colorado’s culture. How does living with an American Host Family sound? Choosing a home-stay program will benefit your stay in Denver and open up many opportunities for you. We believe these to be the top three benefits of living with a host family in Colorado:

Speech Practice with A Local
It may be scary to think that at first, you’ll only know a few words to get around the city, but the best way to learn anything is to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new and different. Your host family will want to show you where to get the best coffee, which museum has the best art, which resort has the best powder for skiing or snowboarding, and they can even teach you the lingo you will need to speak like a true Coloradoan. Having a family away from home also means that you will always have people around to practice your conversation skills with. Assume that your host family won’t know much of your native language, so your conversations will be in English. It takes some effort from both family and student, but your family is there to help you learn, not there to judge you. The more practice you get outside of class, exploring Colorado, the better your speech will be. 

Authentic Food
A tasty benefit of living with a host family is the food! Any family can attest that eating a home cooked meal together is the best time for family bonding. Our families provide most of the meals for you while you stay, and you will get to try the best cultural flavors that Colorado has to offer. Another thing to keep in mind is that grocery stores may be difficult to navigate through on your own because most things will be in English, and everything will be different than what you are used to. Sharing food and mealtimes with your new family will be a great way to learn about your new culture and try authentic local dishes you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Immediate Friends
For some people, the possibility of being homesick is a reason to not learn English away from home. It can happen to anyone, at any age, and it may even happen to you, but having a host family is a way to make immediate friends who are there to comfort you whenever you feel vulnerable. Your host family understands that you will miss your native home, and they are going to be there for you and remind you that you have a lot of new friends that enjoy your company.

Deciding to live with a host family is a great decision because your experience outside of the classroom is just as important as your language learning inside the classroom. By choosing a home-stay program, you get a support from your new family members and friends who want to help your break out of your comfort zone, take you to the best local places, get to know you as a person and make every part of your learning adventure the best that it can be.