Ismail: BridgeEnglish Student From Sudan

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We see this every day with our students, who come to Bridge to expand their knowledge and work together as pieces of a changing world. This particular student has come to Bridge “to learn how to speak powerfully in English.”

Ismail – or better known on campus as Mr. Coffee – has come to our English school in Denver from Sudan, Africa with a bright vision to master his speech for effective global communication.

Although his native languages are French and Arabic, learning English has been an interest of his since his high school days. At a young age, he learned that English is “the language of business people” and that English would be in his future for his business to be successful.

In Sudan, English is mandatory for any government job, “If you don’t pass the test, they let you go. Nobody will hire you if you don’t learn English.” Without knowing how to speak English, his opportunities in Africa were very limited – so he gave New York City a try.

Many foreigners, especially those focused on business, head to The Big Apple; it’s well known and business appropriate. What many people experience upon arrival there is the population, “It’s very crowded there, I felt like I saw the whole world in a city.” As many people find, New York becomes overwhelming, expensive and very fast-paced.  Although he enjoyed parts of the city, Ismail didn’t find what he was looking for in New York, and went back home to Africa.

Ismail first heard about Colorado during a conversation with a close friend from home. His friend told him among other great things here, “if you don’t like the weather, you can wait half an hour and it will change.” Interested, Ismail wanted to give the USA another chance. He visited, enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the city, the climate of all four seasons, and decided to come to Denver to improve his English.

Apart from practicing his speaking skills, he has become most interested in learning about the economy.  During his time here, he has noticed that money has good value here. It has felt like a different world for him in America, coming from Sudan where the economy has been going through a very rough financial time.

Although he has only been living here for a few months, Ismail has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Mile-High City. He firmly believes that “English is the language that people need all over the world”; he has seen how learning to speak English has opened so many doors for him personally and professionally. With a strong passion for all entrepreneurs out there, this wise businessman left one note of advice and encouragement: to those wishing for success, embrace a new strategy by learning English to make their most important thoughts into more powerful speech.

Browse our programs for General English, or Business English if you’re focused on entrepreneurial endeavors. Learn how to speak powerfully – just like Ismail – and you will soon be on the road to success.