Tourists Love Denver

A recent article in the Denver Business Journal reveals, in numbers, how tourists’ love of Denver is growing! Many types of visitors come to the Mile-High City, from people coming to see friends and family, leisure and business travelers, and of course, our own international Bridge students!

In 2013, 14 million people visited Denver and they collectively spent more than 4 billion dollars, which is a 3% increase in visitors and a 12% increase in spending from 2012. This means that our beautiful city outpaced the national average in all categories of visitors. Denver’s increasing popularity as a tourist destination has a lot to do with the city’s marketing efforts that are expanding nationally here in the US. For international visitors, Denver’s growing list of direct international flights can mean an easier trip here. In fact, Denver’s image scored higher than in 2012, especially when regarding nightlife and entertainment, the arts scene and the many festivals and events that take place year-round.

Here at Bridge we often write about some of the amazing events and attractions available to our students, and it seems we are not the only ones impressed! More than 70% of visitors surveyed said they would “really enjoy visiting again,” and based on our student testimonials, Bridge graduates feel the same way! The top 3 attractions in Denver included the downtown’s 16th Street Mall and Cherry Creek, which is located just minutes away from our language center.

It seems that Denver’s 300 days of sunshine and natural attractions are increasingly popular, and we are happy to help Bridge students discover everything the state has to offer. If you are a current student, stop by the reception desk at BridgeEnglish Denver and ask for a Denver Visitor’s Guide- it’s free!

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