Winter Got You Down? Get Outside With These Fun Denver Activities!

Don’t let the icy idea of winter intimidate you into avoiding activities this season – winter is wildly fun in Denver! Though it sits at the foot of the mountains, Denver has incredibly mild winters. Sunny days, often-moderate temperatures, and quick-melting snow all make the winter months not only bearable, but enjoyable!

Whereas the Midwest suffers from brutal, bone-chilling winters with a constant barrage of snow, Denver has a majority of sunny days. The occasional heavy snowstorm will usually melt in just a few days, leaving the streets open for easy traffic and the parks open for perfect snowman-making weather! Only a few spells of frosty temperatures will descend, while other days are only pleasantly chilly – sometimes even balmy! Denver truly is one of the most comfortable places in America to experience a winter wonderland.

Look forward to plenty of great outdoor activities coming up this season, including ice skating, minigolf and sledding. Here are a few of our favorite winter activities in Denver:

Southwest Rink at Skyline Park
If you’ve never skated on ice before, this is an experience you don’t want to miss! The rink is free to skate on, and you can bring your own skates, or rent a pair there.

Public Art Walking Tour
Download this guide to Denver’s Public Art and you may start noticing masterpieces all over the place!

National Western Stock Show & Rodeo Parade
January 9, 2014, 12 p.m.
A parade with cowgirls, cowboys and Texas Longhorn cattle right in the heart of downtown Denver? Yes, it’s real and it’s the perfect opporunity to use the cowboy hat that you bought.

We’ll also be featuring plenty of indoor activities as well, including movies, laser tag, and trips to various museums. Activities are an extremely effective way to practice and enhance your language skills, as well as a wonderful way to socialize with people from a range of cultures. Bridge has been a hub for countless international friendships over the years, and we continue to delight in introducing students to new cultures, new ideas, and new friends.

What are your favorite Denver winter activities?