Fall Student Activities at BridgeEnglish Denver

Bridge has had several fantastic activities happen this fall, but the shining light, by far, came from the downtown Zombie Crawl.

Zombie Crawl is one of Denver’s highlight events of the year, where thousands of people dress up as the undead and go wild in the streets. Denver even holds several records for “most zombies in a single place.” For many Bridge students like Kuniaki Ishiwata, it was an experience like they’d never seen in their home countries.

“We don’t have that kind of event [in Japan],” he said. “People sometimes wear costumes, but not usually makeup. [At Zombie Crawl], people look like real zombies with their makeup. It was really scary. And really awesome.”

Kuniaki himself took part in the masquerade, wearing a fun French maid outfit and gruesome scars on his face. He and six other students were led downtown by Bridge’s TEFL coordinator, Lauren Davis, to see the wildest costumes Denver had to offer.

The other hot activity for the season was Bridge’s Halloween Spooktacular, where over 25 students, family members, and staff partied and paraded their fun costumes for the holiday. Costume props especially go to Shunichi Kawanami, dressed as Popeye, Kuniaki, returning in his Zombie Crawl garb, Emily Craig as a baker, and teachers Lynn and Mike, dressed as a hillbilly and a pink lady, respectively.

The party had several activities and games, but the pumpkin carving contest stole the show. Five teams worked together to have the most creatively-carved pumpkin, and the results were fantastic. This activity, which is an established American tradition, was a first time for most Bridge students, and proved wildly popular. Also fun was the donut-eating race, won by young Khalid Alkhalifah!

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