Interview with a BridgeEnglish Student: Khalid Alhajr

Khalid Alhajri joined us at BridgeEnglish four weeks ago and has had a huge smile on his face since day one. We decided that we needed to learn more about Khalid and his experience so that we could share his positivity and knowledge with other students. Please find our interview below:

Amy: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Khalid: I’m from east Saudi Arabia and I came to study mechanical engineering in the USA. I have been in the U.S. for four months in a different state and moved to Denver because my friends here told me that the weather is wonderful and people are friendly. This is my first time to the U.S. but I’ve traveled to many places, like Canada and London.

Amy: Why is it important for you to learn English?

Khalid: English is an international language. In Saudi Arabia you need English to study in university or work with a company so you can connect with other nations like Canada, the U.S., and England.

Amy: How long have you been here and how long do you plan to stay?

Khalid: I plan to study at Bridge for six months and then attend CU for Mechanical Engineering, but I won’t forget Bridge. I’ll come back to say hi to teachers. I promise you!

Amy: Tell me about your experience so far in this country?

Khalid: At the beginning of my time here, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the city I lived in or the weather. But when I moved to Denver, I started feeling happiness. You can do lots of things here, it is friendlier and the transportation system is very good.

Amy: Why did you choose to study at BridgeEnglish in Denver, Colorado?

Khalid: I heard about Bridge from some friends who graduated and they said they had nice teachers and support for IELTS testing. I really love Bridge. The teachers here are humble and can help you without you having to ask. Also, the people are very helpful. It’s a wonderful school.

Amy: What do you like most about your classes here?

Khalid: In the General English Program, they focus on speaking which is good. In the Academic English Program they teach writing and listening. My grammar is improving. Bridge can support us with the IELTS test. I like each class and this has been a very good experience. I’ve been at Bridge for one month and I feel my English speaking and grammar skills have improved.

Amy: Have you met many people here in Denver?

Khalid: Yes, I’ve met friends from Chile, Saudi, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Libya and Egypt. I hang out with Bridge students and go to the mall or restaurants outside of class. Sometimes we have lunch together on the weekends.

Amy: Tell me about your host family.

Khalid: My host family is wonderful. He is very nice and kind and he always invites me to go to Arab, Italian, Japanese, and American restaurants. He always asks me if I need help and picks me up from school everyday. Bridge gave me a nice homestay, teachers, students, activities…everything. The school makes plans for students.

Amy: What advice would you give other students to improve their English skills?

Khalid: Come to class everyday…everyday…no absences! Ask questions, don’t be shy. If you are feeling uncomfortable, talk to your advisor at school. Don’t be ashamed.

Amy: How do you think this experience will most impact your life?

Khalid: Denver will change my life because I will stay here and complete my undergraduate education at university.