Tips for English Students: How to Get Around in Denver, Colorado

One of the main concerns I’ve always had when I’m going to visit a new city is how I’m going to get from place to place. Yet in my travels, I’ve found that many cities are easy to navigate, even on foot – buildings are built close together so the distances are short, there are plenty of people around the ask for directions, public transportation is common and easily understood, etc…

To English students visiting Denver from out of town, particularly from another country, it may seem like a challenging city to navigate. Denver doesn’t boast an underground subway, as common as they are in other major cities around the world, and the city itself is a sprawling metropolis – without any shortage of open space in Colorado, those constructing the city of Denver and its suburbs over the last hundred years allowed it to cover a lot of ground. So as a visitor, how do you get around?

The easiest way would probably be to rent a car, the primary mode of transportation for most Americans, but it’s safe to assume that may not be feasible for many English students visiting Denver. The good news is, Denver’s bus transportation is widespread, easy to navigate, and inexpensive. There’s also the relatively-new lightrail system; street-level subway trains that run through the heart of the city itself, connecting many of the biggest neighborhoods. Finally, bicycles are another popular means of cheap transportation for active Denverites, and you’ll find public bikes for rent throughout the city, which are free if returned within a certain amount of time.

The moral of the story is, have no fear! Once in Denver, you’ll have numerous methods of transportation to choose from, and none of them will break the bank.