How Bridge Employees’ Experiences Abroad Help Us Relate to Our English Students

In today’s world, we often hear that the global community is more and more like a small village.  Non-stop flights connect all corners of the Earth.  The Internet allows us to communicate with others and learn about distant locations with the click of a button.  It has become an expectation in many parts of the world that students spend time studying in a foreign country in order to expand their perspective of the world as they prepare for their careers.  Many international companies have offices in multiple countries and employees find themselves uprooting their lives to live and work in a country they may have never even visited!  We at Bridge have the pleasure of meeting these individuals on a daily basis, and we can all certainly relate to their situations because of our own international experiences.

Some English students at Bridge visit for a short time on vacation and are only looking for an adventure and the opportunity to improve their ability to communicate in English.  Other students are preparing for university study in the United States and will be in this country for several years while they pursue their educational goals.  Still others arrive at Bridge because the demands of their careers require that they improve their English language skills in order to be successful in their jobs.  Each of these situations is a familiar scenario to the staff and teachers at Bridge.

In just the past year, Bridge employees have visited every continent on the globe (depending on if you include Antarctica!) for pleasure and work, as well as educational experiences.  Travel is in our DNA.  Learning about and understanding the world and its many cultures is part of each one of our job descriptions.  Our travels teach us about the challenges of communicating in a second or third language and we see that there are many obstacles to navigate when living, working, or studying in a foreign culture.  All of these experiences offer a wealth of information that we are able to pass along to those who embark on the adventure of studying with us at Bridge.  We understand that the most simple, daily-routine can become a challenge when you must learn the complexities of public transportation, using foreign currency, or making a simple purchase.  Each of us at Bridge has had the same experience; we have lived the life of the Bridge English student and this is why every student becomes a member of the Bridge family on the very first day.

Although a student may visit a foreign country to study or work, there are so many other aspects of the experience that require a bit of support from the local community.  Having someone who knows exactly what you are experiencing and who makes oneself available to assist you through your journey can make all the difference in the world.  The world that has become a small, global village in which we all must make our home.