Top Activites for Bridge Students: Rock Climbing in Colorado!

One thing that Colorado has a lot of is mountains. And with mountains, you get one of our favorite sports: rock climbing. While Denver is a little distance from the mighty peaks of the Rocky Mountains, we have many world-class areas for climbing only a short drive from the city. From ice climbing to some of the hardest bouldering challenges in the world, Colorado has it all, with a year-round season where you can get outdoors and up a cliff face any time you want. Study English in Denver and you’ll find yourself close to all of the following rock-climbing destinations!

If placing gear and climbing high is your primary goal, El Dorado Canyon is the place to go. Only 30 minutes from Denver, ElDo is full of beautiful cracks housed in perfect rock. The largest cliff, a few thousand feet wide and around 700 feet tall, holds many climbs of varying difficulty. The view from the summit is absolutely breathtaking.

For winter sports, Ouray, CO has one of the most famous areas in the United States for ice climbing. Every year they hold a massive Ice Festival in January for climbers and anyone else crazy enough to participate. Ouray is rumored to be one of the most extensive ice climbing areas in the world.

A 3 hour drive from Denver, Rifle, CO is one of the homes of difficult sport climbing. A compact area, full of world-class routes on the most beautiful limestone in the United States, Rifle is a destination that you do not want to miss. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself hanging from a cliff, amazed at how difficult it is.

For a sport climbing destination closer to home, there is the classic Clear Creek Canyon just outside Golden, CO, only 30 minutes from Denver.  The long canyon is littered with routes for beginners or those pushing themselves past their limits. And only an hour from Denver is the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, an excellent destination for keeping cool in the summer. This is a new, developing area, which houses some of the most difficult boulders in the US.

Speaking of boulders, there is also a massive amount of climbing just outside Boulder, CO, another 30 minutes from Denver. There is bouldering, sport, and traditional climbing all present just a short hike from the city. You can even spend a day free-climbing the picturesque Flatirons.

If climbing is your sport of choice, there are few places better to study English than Colorado. And for those planning to study English here a little longer, there are many places to visit just outside Colorado as well. I moved here for climbing two years ago, and I don’t think I can move anywhere else now!