Top Student Activities: Colorado Festivals in Lake Dillon and Keystone

It could be said that Colorado has a festival every weekend. Whether in bustling downtown Denver or a mountain town in the Rockies, it seems as though there is always a different festival for Bridge English students to attend. Recently, I attended two festivals in one weekend!

First, I went to the Lake Dillon Brew Festival to listen to music and sample some local breweries. The breweries in attendance had tents set up and were offering 2 different kinds of beer. Festival attendees simply bought a ticket and could then try out whatever local brew they liked. My personal favorite was Ska brewery based out of Durango, but other breweries included Oskar Blues, Gravity, Wynkoop, Breckenridge, Great Divide, and more. There was live, local folk and bluegrass music throughout the whole day and local food vendors selling fish tacos and BBQ. It was a happy-go-lucky kind of atmosphere, and I would definitely go again and recommend this festival to students who enjoy tasting the local brew!

After the Lake Dillon Brew Festival, my friends and I biked to our campsite on the other side of Lake Dillon. The next morning, we packed up our camping gear and headed to a well-known ski and mountain biking town; Keystone. The Bacon Festival was soon to start, with that delicious smell of bacon wafting through the crisp mountain air. Each festival vendor had 2 items on their menu, both of which included bacon, of course! From bacon meatballs, chocolate-covered bacon, different cuts of bacon, Mac-N-Cheese Bacon Balls, bacon sushi, bacon cookies, bacon s’mores, and more, it really seemed like you could put bacon in anything! There was live local music throughout the day as well, with everything from funk to bluegrass, and large chess and checkers board games to pass the time. After trying out so many bacon-themed concoctions, my friends and I definitely did not leave Keystone hungry! For students who love bacon, or just eating and enjoying live music, this is a great festival to attend.

I look forward to experiencing more Colorado festivals in the future!