New Student Orientation at BridgeEnglish Denver

Every Monday at BridgeEnglish Denver is a fun and lively day as we welcome our new students to the school!

When you first arrive for registration, you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable administrative staff. After making sure you have all of the paperwork completed to begin the day, you can relax in our lobby and take in the activity and culture of the school. During this time, you will see students grabbing a quick coffee or tea, or stopping in the office to speak with a staff member before class begins.

After all of the new students have arrived, a Student Advisor will take you on a tour of the two school buildings, including our classrooms and Student Lounge. Then you will be brought to a classroom to take an English placement test. This test assesses your level of listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading so that we can place you in the most appropriate class according to your English language abilities. The test takes approximately 75 minutes.

While your test scores are being calculated and your books and class schedule is being prepared, you will attend an Orientation presentation. During this presentation, you will learn about Bridge’s methodology, class structure and schedule, our staff members, student policies and services, and a bit about American culture. All of our students are provided with a Bridge Student Handbook so you can review what you learned during the orientation at any time.

Afterwards, you will be brought back to the lobby where several members of our staff, including the Student Advisors, Academic Manager and Director, will be waiting to talk to each student, individually, about their test scores, books and class schedule. This one-on-one meeting allows us to identify your personal learning goals and ensure that the curriculum matches these goals. It is also a great opportunity for you to connect with our staff members and get answers to any remaining questions you might have about Bridge and your classes.

By the end of the day, our hope is that you will feel welcomed and confident in your choice of Bridge as the school to help you achieve your language goals.