BridgeEnglish Denver and Chadron State College Announce Early Start Program

BridgePathways, the academic arm of BridgeEnglish Denver, is collaborating with Chadron State College (CSC) to provide students enrolled in Bridge’s Academic English Program with the opportunity to be concurrently enrolled in CSC credit courses being delivered at our language center in Denver, Colorado. By doing so, you can get an “Early Start” toward completing your degree while you improve your English language proficiency at Bridge.

In addition to saving time, the U.S. Degree “Early Start” Program also helps save you money. CSC tuition is very affordable and much less than what you would typically have to pay for earning the same credits at other U.S. colleges and universities. Additionally, international students with a strong academic background can also qualify for the CSC Non-Resident Scholar Program, which helps you save even more.

“Chadron is an extremely welcoming community and a great atmosphere for international students,”  said Dr. Kirk Lacy, VP of Bridge Global University Pathway Programs.

CSC, a proud member of the public Nebraska State College System, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and awards a comprehensive array of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to over 3000 students annually from around the world.

The CSC campus is based in Chadron, Nebraska, a beautiful and welcoming community nestled near the Pine Ridge of Nebraska, and conveniently located near several cultural, historic, natural, and outdoor entertainment attractions such as Denver, Colorado; Mount Rushmore; Deadwood, South Dakota, Yellowstone National Park; and the famous Rocky Mountains.

“Early Start” Courses and  Credit Transfer

Courses offered in the “Early Start” program are specifically selected for their “transferability” which means that credits earned can easily be applied toward a CSC degree program – AND – because CSC is a regionally accredited U.S. college, course credits can easily be transferred toward degree completion at most other U.S. colleges and universities as well.

“As we kick off the New Year, Chadron State College is very excited to expand our partnership with BridgeEnglish in launching Early Start,” said Tamsyn Carey, Project Director Market Development at Chadron.  “We remain very committed to international education and are always seeking ways to provide international students with various opportunities to develop their academic knowledge and skill sets while simultaneously preparing them to live in, coexist, and excel in such a diverse global environment.”

Bridge Pathways is also actively working with a number of other U.S. universities to start similar Early Start programs.

For more information about the Early Start program and its multiple opportunities, please contact Tim Samuelson, University Pathways Coordinator at BridgeEnglish Denver – (, tel: +1 303 785 8898.

Imagine the possibilities!