Youth Summer Holiday Programs at Bridge: Learn English and Have Fun!

Last July was an awesome summer in Denver.  Twenty-two teenagers came to Bridge on a Youth Holiday Program for that month with their chaperon.  This special program gives students a chance to learn English and experience American culture in beautiful Denver, Colorado with a group of peers.  This group spent the mornings studying English and the afternoons exploring various places in the area.  Among other excursions, this group went to the Denver Zoo, Water World, and the Museum of Nature and Science.  They also took a day-trip to Rocky Mountain National Park which all of the students loved.  In the evenings, the students stayed with our welcoming host families with whom they ate dinner each night and participated in activities on the weekends.

Laura Gonzalez Ramos was one of the older students who participated in this program.  She volunteered to provide some feedback via e-mail about her experience.  Here is what I learned:

What was the best thing about your English classes at BridgeEnglish?

The teachers, especially Jamie and Mike, as they were very friendly.

Who was your favorite Bridge teacher and why?

My favourite teacher was Jamie. I think he is a cultured man who knows a lot about everything and because of that he made the classes more interesting. And I also like him because he is very nice.


What was your favorite afternoon activity or excursion and why?

I enjoyed the day at Elitch Gardens because I never go to amusement parks in Spain. I really liked the trip to the mountains. I think the walk around the lake was beautiful.

What were the other students in your group like?  Are you still in touch today?

There were thirteen of us and I only had contact with three of them because the rest were very young: fourteen and fifteen years old. I am still in touch with two of them.

What was the weather like while you were here in the summertime?

The mornings were very hot and sunny but it rained a lot every afternoon.


Tell me a little about your host family.

I was with a very nice woman. I really liked her. She took me to the swimming pool a couple of days and downtown on the 4th of July. We used to have dinner together every day. And she had a very healthy diet based on salads and fruits, but I was able to have whatever I wanted.


What did you learn from your time in the United States?

I practised my English and I saw how different the US is from Europe.

What would you recommend to future students who are coming to Denver and/or BridgeEnglish?

I would recommend that a student make the most of their stay by studying and speaking English.

Would you come back and visit Denver again?

Yes, I’d love to go back for a couple of days and visit all the places I didn’t go around Denver.