Meet Ramiro Gallo, A Fourth Time Bridge English Immersion Student

Ramiro Gallo is a BridgeEnglish full-immersion student who came to Denver from “The Athens of South America”, Bogota, Columbia. Ramiro’s recent trip to Denver marked his fourth time as an immersion student at BridgeEnglish in Denver.  In 1998, as a true beginner, Ramiro completed his first program at Bridge, focusing on basic grammar and the structure of the English language. With continued practice at home in Columbia, Ramiro returned in 2001, 2002, and again in 2011, demonstrating greater confidence and comfort with the language.  Today, Ramiro communicates at a high-intermediate level and remains very dedicated to refining his English skills.

The English Immersion Experience

Ramiro believes that his overall experience has improved with each visit to Denver.  His classes have become more dynamic as his language has improved, and he is able to focus on specific weaknesses that he would like to develop. Ramiro has been impressed with the development of the curriculum as well. In the beginning, Ramiro needed to focus on the fundamentals of the language, but now he is able to expand on the foundation of the language and concentrate on business language and communication skills necessary for his professional development. Having private instruction has allowed Ramiro to customize his learning experience.

Why study English?

As the general auditor for a large family owned business in Columbia, Ramiro has worked to improve the listening and speaking skills necessary for international conference calls and meetings.  With each trip to Denver, Ramiro feels more confident in his ability to clearly and accurately express himself using English as the common language. He enjoys the teacher rotation within his program, which exposes him to various teaching styles, accents, and personalities. His job demands a high-level of English proficiency to ensure quality control across thousands of employees in various divisions of his company, and Bridge’s immersion program has allowed him to identify the areas he needs to improve on. Being an immersion student in Denver has helped Ramiro achieve the confidence to communicate not only with his teachers and the staff at Bridge but also with people within the community as he enjoys all of the sights and sounds of Denver in his free time.

The advantages of studying English in Denver

This opportunity to truly experience American culture is another reason Ramiro thoroughly enjoys his visits to Denver. He and his wife, Olga, spend the weekends and evenings visiting local restaurants, taking advantage of first-class shopping, taking excursions to the mountains, and visiting with friends they have made in their many visits to Denver. Denver offers the comfort and safety of a small community with all the diversion of a major American city. Being able to share the experience with his family is an added benefit of improving his own language skills. As a result of Ramiro’s determination to master the English language, his wife and children have become very dedicated to learning English. Ramiro’s children attend bilingual (Spanish and English) schools and are interested in learning Mandarin as well.

Ramiro’s future in English

Ramiro’s future goals include becoming an international family business advisor and continuing to perfect his English. He credits much of his success to his immersion programs at Bridge and hopes to return yet again in the future. In Ramiro’s opinion, learning English at Bridge and experiencing life in Denver have contributed to his personal success in business as well as created a richer life for his family outside the classroom.