Meet our Business Immersion Student: Leticia Rose

Leticia Rojas is a new addition at the Bridge language school in Denver, Colorado. She has come all the way from the southern hemisphere, Chile to be exact, to study and learn as much English as she can for the six weeks she will be here. Leticia, who works for a company called TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) in Santiago, was awarded their corporate scholarship to come to the United States and learn English at Bridge .

Leticia, what has impressed you about the English program at Bridge?

“I like the fact that I have different teachers throughout the day because it gives me a chance to hear many different accents and all the teachers have their own personalized teaching style which I like. Also, I get to listen to English all day, first at school and then at my host family’s house and also everywhere else I go.”

What are some things you like about Denver and about the program?


“The people in Denver are very nice. Even though I haven’t had a chance to see that much of Colorado yet, I really like it here. My house is very close to the school so that is nice. I like that the teachers are so patient and repeat things two, three even four times or more so that I understand it. They really want us to learn. I also like that at Bride there are so many different cultures from all over the world. In one class there can be students from five different countries, and we are all at the same level so no one is embarrassed to speak or make mistakes. At least three times a week I go to the supermarket, not to buy anything, but to walk around and look at the labels and the signs and read everything that I can. It is a great way to improve my English.”

What has been the most challenging part about learning English?


“Well, I would have to say that listening is definitely the hardest part about learning English. For example, for me to ask a question is somewhat easy, but when someone answers my question I have a hard time understanding the response, especially if it is a native because they speak so fast! But I know that with time I will be able to understand more and more. Other than listening, the difficulties have been few. Denver is a city just like Santiago so there aren’t that many differences. There are buildings and business and cars and people. Denver is just smaller. Santiago is huge! One nice thing is that it is summer here right now. It is very cold in Santiago at this moment.”

Why is it important for you to learn English, Leticia?


“It is very important to learn English for my job. TCS has its main office in India and even though there are many different languages in that office, the common language is English. If I can become fluent in English then there will be more opportunities for me in the company. Also, it is important to learn English so I can communicate while traveling. I would like for my daughters to learn English so they have more opportunities as well. I would definitely recommend Bridge to someone who wants to learn English. The teachers are so nice and helpful. It has been great being immersed in English for these past few weeks. I hope to continue learning English when I return to Santiago.”