Do You Know Your ABCs? A Guide for Study Abroad Agencies

In recent years, an increasing number of study abroad agencies have begun offering language study programs at our ABC locations—Argentina, Brazil and Chile. As Monica Szwarc, Country Director of Bridge in Brazil pointed out in our recent interview, more and more working adults are going abroad to study languages including Spanish and Portuguese. When working with these executive students, some consultants find that their current portfolio of language schools is ill-equipped to meet the needs of these clients; as a rule, they have higher standards than twenty-something students looking for a surf-and-study option. For more than 20 years, Bridge has provided intensive language programs for learners of all types. However, our emphasis on quality, personalized attention and measured results attracts those with the highest standards including working professionals. Below are some features that define our ABC programs:

Small Class Sizes
All of our ABC centers provide group classes with a maximum of six students. This leads to increased class participation and personalized attention, two features that characterize the Bridge experience.

Custom-Tailored Solutions
We are happy to accommodate individuals with special language learning requirements. Our centers are accustomed to working with adult and executive clients who demand results in a short period of time. Best of all, your clients can begin their courses on any Monday of the month.

First-Class Facilities and Service
All of our centers offer modern facilities conveniently located in the downtown area of their respective cities. This allows for convenient access to everything the city has to offer including local attractions, transportation centers, nightlife and more.

Proven Methodology
Our conversational approach to language is dynamic, engaging and fun. When this method is employed by our highly-trained teachers, your clients will be surprised by how quickly they learn and how much they retain.

Host Family Accommodations
Yes—host families stays are an important part of the Bridge experience. Providing our students (executives included) with fulfilling and educational host family experiences is a top priority. Our host families are carefully selected through first-hand visits to ensure that they meet our standards. The result is an integrated approach to language and culture that students will never forget.

If you would like more information about our centers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or the USA, please email Josh Mickelson at Or, feel free to visit the sites below: