Top 3 English Learning Podcasts

I’ll admit it…I’m addicted to podcasts. For me, they are a great way to fit in some learning-time into my busy schedule. I travel in the subway around an hour every day and I don’t know how I would get through those minutes squished next to some complete stranger if it wasn’t for my trusty iPod and podcasts.

I listen to podcasts about everything ranging from “how to be a better writer” to “learning business Spanish” to “French cooking.” You can pretty much find a podcast on any topic these days. Recently, my husband (a non-native English speaker) took the TOEFL exam that he needed for admission to a graduate program (which he got accepted to by the way, yay congratulations!) When preparing for the exam he found quite a few English-learning podcasts that he used for listening and speaking practice. I asked him share a few of his favorites with us. We hope you enjoy!

1) English Through Stories – Intermediate to advanced speakers. An entertaining way to learn English, each episode is a story that will get you hooked and draw you into the suspense!

2) Wanna speak like an American, do ya? Ok, that’s more of a Northern Wisconsin accent…but check out this great pronunciation podcast. It really helped my husband get rid of his rolling Spanish R’s and if you are taking an English evaluation like the TOEFL or another that has an oral evaluation, they often judge on good ol’ American pronunciation!

3) Awesome vocabulary is a sassy, nerdy approach to improving your English vocabulary. It’s completely free and the host Ben, is so adorably shy and funny that remembering the vocab is somehow easier! Much of the vocab on here are on the top English language evaluations’ word list too.

Do you have any favorite English podcasts you’d like to share with us? Please comment below and let us know!