What’s the CEO Doing in English Class? Business English Courses in a Global Age

Today more than ever, the global business community communicates in English. As a result, business people around the world at all levels and of all ages take English classes in language schools at home and abroad or even in classes at work or in their own office. They do this in order to get that next promotion, communicate with their international counterparts (of course!) and just survive in the increasingly complex arena of doing business internationally.

50 years ago many companies depended solely on translators to help in the occasional tasks of helping with meetings or writing letters in English. Today with instant and constant communication, the average executive must have at least some knowledge of English in order to keep ahead of the game and succeed.

At BridgeEnglish in Denver, we have been catering to the international business person for more than 24 years. We’ve seen thousands of these special students coming to us from all around the world for all possible reasons: to learn and master financial English, English for presentations or meetings, English for reports, for human resources, for marketing and for management among others.

Sometimes business English students will bring their technical reports and articles to Denver to be incorporated into their class work and then their teachers very capably deal with complex terms about mining, steel production, petroleum clean-up and many other specialized topics.

On the other hand, we also often also hear something like this, from an actual conversation with a student from France starting an immersion program in Denver:

Director: “Do you want to study Business English in your program or do you need any technical vocabulary in English in your program?”

Student: “I know my business and the language for my business very well. What I don’t know is English for lunch!”

He meant it was hard for him to socialize in English, so we put together a general conversational English program for this executive, as we commonly do for many others with the same need.

Teaching Business English and dealing with the executive student is a challenging and very rewarding part of what we do in Denver. We are the premier school in North America experienced in this critical area;BridgeEnglish’s list of satisfied companies and individuals is very impressive and continues to grow over the years. Contact us to see how we can help you or your company!