Improve your English quickly with our conversational approach.

You’ll speak English from day one with our communicative approach to teaching. Our teachers and students speak only English in the classroom and translation is strongly discouraged, so you’ll use English at all times. Our teachers also make use of the latest technologies in the English classroom.

No translation in class

1 | No translation in class

Both student and teacher speak only in the language being learned, so you will think in and speak English from the beginning.

Teacher Rotation

2 | Teacher Rotation

This will expose you to many different pronunciations and vocabularies, ensuring that you understand the language in a variety of situations.

Emphasis on communication

3 | Emphasis on communication

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable communicating in English, so we focus on speaking and listening in the classroom. We incorporate grammar, reading and writing through a very practical approach.

Practice in real-life situations

4 | Practice in real-life situations

Executives will practice English in real-life networking events and workshops, while academic students attend practice lectures to prepare for a university environment.

Materials and homework assignments

5 | Materials and homework assignments

Assignments will give you the opportunity to continue your language learning outside the classroom and supplement your conversational practice with reading and writing.

Regular Assessments

6 | Regular Assessments

Track your progress and identify areas to improve with regular testing and assessments.

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