How to Submit Your IELTS Results to Universities/Institutions

Instructions for electronic or mailed submission of your IELTS scores

Guidelines for Electronically Sending IELTS Results to a University or Institution

When registering for the IELTS at you will have the option to add Recognizing Organizations (ROs) to your application.

  • 1. Use the drop-down menus to check for the name of your institution. Do not write in a school name or address, your score will only be sent if you make a selection from the menu. (If the institution does not accept scores electronically, you will not find their name on the drop-down menu. In this case, please refer to the instructions in the next section to have our center mail your official results.)

  • 2. Once you’ve selected your institutions, save the page and continue with your registration

  • 3. The schools you have selected as ROs on your application will receive your results electronically as soon as they are released.

Guidelines for Sending Your IELTS Results by Mail to a University or Institution

  • 1. Contact each university or institution and confirm the mailing address to which they require your scores to be sent. Never use an address that hasn’t been explicitly listed for sending application materials, as this could lead your score to be discarded by the school. The IELTS center is not responsible for verifying addresses, and we cannot be responsible for scores sent to the wrong address.

  • 2. Download the Additional TRF Request Form (or pick one up at our center) and fill out each section with as much detail as possible. You must include your full name, test date, and passport number. Please ensure your request form is signed and dated. Please note, IELTS does not use “departmental codes” or “school codes.” Please do not include these numbers on your request.

  • 3. You must include each institution’s mailing address. We will always send your score through the electronic system if possible; however, we still need the mailing address to identify each school.

If your scores will be sent by mail, we will send them via 1st class mail, which does not provide tracking. If you would like a tracking number for your TRF, or if you need it sent via urgent, overnight mail, please contact us for additional shipping costs.

Paying for Your IELTS Results to be Sent

Per IELTS regulations, there is no charge to send your score to the first 5 universities or institutions you request, as long as the requests are made within 1 month of the test date.

If it has been more than 1 month since your test date, or you have already sent your score to 5 schools, there is a charge of $25 per institution. You must calculate the cost and correctly fill in the credit card authorization (CCA) form. For example, if would like your score sent to two universities, the charge is $50. The CCA form should be emailed to us as an attachment along with the Additional TRF Request form. (If you do not wish to use the CCA form, you may come and pay in person at our office, located at 225 E. 16th Ave., Suite 120, Denver, Colorado, 80203.)

Special Instructions to General Training Test Takers Requiring an Additional TRF for Immigration Purposes:

In some cases, immigration agencies prefer to receive Test Report Forms from test takers directly and not from test centers. This is the only situation in which a second copy of the TRF is permitted to be sent to the test taker. If you need a second TRF for this purpose, please fill out the Additional TRF Request form as instructed; however, you may include your personal mailing address under the section for “University or Institution.” You must still pay the $25 fee if it has been more than 1 month since your test.

Emailing Materials to Bridge

Please email all materials to Title the email “additional TRF request,” and include your full name in the body of the email. Make sure all materials are attached to the email, including the Credit Card Authorization form, if necessary. We will respond to your request within 1-5 business days.

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