Bridge IELTS 6.0/6.5 Guarantee

Raise your IELTS score to a 6.0 or 6.5 within 12 months!

What is the IELTS 6.0/6.5 Guarantee?

The IELTS 6.0/6.5 Guarantee is a personalized academic plan that we guarantee will raise your IELTS score to either a 6.0 or a 6.5 (depending on your current level) within 12 months or less!*

What does the guarantee include?

The core of our IELTS 6.0/6.5 Guarantee is the Bridge Academic English Program in Denver, Colorado, which also includes:

Our special STEM-track Academic English curriculum

IELTS Power Prep courses

Simulated IELTS tests

How does the IELTS 6.0/6.5 Guarantee work?

Take an online IELTS Mock Exam

Contact us to get started! We will ask for your current IELTS score (or score on another recognized English proficiency test). If you haven't taken a proficiency test recently, you’ll take our Online IELTS Mock Exam and our instructors will determine your current level of English.

Receive your personalized diagnostic report

You will receive your level report and detailed IELTS diagnostic results, and/or your recommended IELTS Guarantee and the estimated program duration to achieve a guaranteed IELTS score of either 6.0 or 6.5.

Take the IELTS Guarantee pledge and select your start date

Our admissions office will help you select your start date in Denver, and enroll.

Ready to get started?

Contact us for more information about the IELTS 6.0/6.5 Guarantee!

Andrew Johnson, International Outreach Manage
Ph: 1-303-586-5840

*Key terms and conditions of the Bridge IELTS Guarantee:

1. Attendance in the Bridge Academic English Program must be 85% or more.
2. All homework must be completed fully and submitted, including test prep and research writing/presentations.
3. Each student is assigned his or her own personal academic advisor, who will assist with college admissions coaching, and course monitoring.
4. Up to 4 hours of supplemental tutoring per week is available at no additional cost.
5. In order to qualify the 6.0 Guarantee, students must begin the program with the equivalent of a minimum High B1 CEFR* level, as evidenced by an recognized English language proficiency exam.
6. In order to qualify for the IELTS 6.5 Guarantee, students must begin the program with the equivalent of a Low B2 CEFR* level, as evidenced by a recognized English Language proficiency exam.
7. Students who do not achieve the IELTS Guarantee score after the Bridge recommended course duration can study up to two additional 10-week terms, tuition free.
*CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference and is an international standard for describing language proficiency levels.

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